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Want to slay friends with friends? In this roguelike, you'll die repeatedly, growing stronger with each death, until you rule the fiends. In this open world you will encounter challenging dungeons and test your survivability!

Ever-changing roguelike experience!

Embark on a thrilling roguelike journey where death is just the beginning! Battle fiends and monsters, facing countless challenges. Each defeat makes you stronger, ensuring your adventure evolves continuously!

Upgrade your character with skill points!
Level up and earn skill points to enhance your character’s abilities. Invest in damage, health, or shield upgrades to boost your survivability and power in this relentless ques!

Unique loot & rarity!

Defeat tougher enemies for superior loot! Our unique weapon system rewards you with rare, powerful gear, providing significant damage boosts and exclusive enhancements!

Dungeons & World activities

Encounter the ultimate challenge in dungeons teeming with traps and monsters. Discover new upgrades, exclusive weapons, and temporary power-ups to aid your quest. Participate in world activities for grand loot events that benefit the entire lobby!

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