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We are looking for a

Senior game Programmer

At Aurora Punks, we're not aiming to be the average developers in the gaming industry. We have a knack for problem-solving and we're the go-to crew when it comes to cracking tough challenges. 


From untangling complex code to fine-tuning performance, we're the ones developers turn to for game-changing solutions. We think outside of the box, and dissect problems.


Right now, we're on the lookout for a Senior Game Programmer in Stockholm, with serious management chops to join our crew. If you're a seasoned pro who thrives on leading and inspiring others while delivering top-tier technical solutions, Aurora Punks is where you belong.



  • Technical support for all active and incoming projects

  • Point of contact for external parties with technical requirements and inquiries

  • Guide and mentor junior developers in their everyday work

  • Ensure work is at appropriate quality towards external clients

  • Work with teams to create, plan and manage milestone deliveries

  • Recruitment, interviewing and vetting of programmers applying for work

  • Review incoming project proposals and plan technical work together with other stakeholders

  • Able to work with vague specifications and quickly move between work assignments

  • Balance long-term and immediate needs of projects and the company with the available resources

  • Actively jump into coding wherever needed to address high complexity and high stake tasks.


  • Excellent C# and C++ development skills, even outside Unity and Unreal applications. Additionally, familiarity with scripting languages like Python or JavaScript can be beneficial for certain tasks.

  • Excellent Unity and Unreal skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Excellent written and spoken english skills

  • Strong leadership qualities

  • Comfortable working with different source control providers (Git/Plastic/Perforce/Svn)

  • Understanding of network protocols, client-server architecture, and concepts like latency, bandwidth, and synchronization are crucial for developing multiplayer games. 

  • Multiplayer Systems Development: Ability to design, implement, and optimize multiplayer systems including matchmaking, player authentication, session management, and anti-cheat mechanisms. Understanding client side prediction.

  • Understanding of network optimization through data serialization techniques.

  • Concurrency and Multithreading: Proficiency in handling concurrency issues and implementing multithreaded systems to manage concurrent tasks such as network communication, physics simulation, and rendering.

Highly Recommended

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience

  • Worked on a shipped title from start to finish in a leading technical role

  • Shipped a title on console platforms (Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft)

What you get:

  • Beneficial pension scheme

  • Health Care Allowance

  • Work from our office in Stockholm

  • Opportunity to work offsite 1-2 days per week

  • Scheduled time for hack projects and self studies

  • Working in a professional developer-friendly environment

  • Employed at a company with a strong industry reputation.

Send you CV and personal letter to: and put "Senior Game Programmer" in the headline.

Applications are open until March 11th 2024

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