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Embark on a mission with your squad or by yourself in the colorful post-apocalypse, to destroy the colossal Robot Lord that has risen to raze the world as we used to know it. The world lies in ruins and the threat to humanity must be stopped! 

Adapt to every given situation!

The robots have the element of surprise up their sleeve, be aware of the Robot Lords robotic minions that will overrun you if given the opportunity. Plan your strategy with your team and synchronize your attacks to crush your enemies!

Classes, gadgets & upgrades! 


Form your own playstyle and choose from a variety of classes and gadgets susable in the fight for independence from the Robot Lord. Make use of the equipment provided to help your squad and yourself in the warzone to overcome your obstacles. Don’t forget to spend your hard earned money on buying new upgrades and weapons! 

​Tactical advantage & agility!

Make use of the environment to gain the upper hand in the battle ahead, pathways and ziplines are your best friend. Tactical efficiency and agility is key to success in the destruction of the Robot Lord!

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How to join Robot Lord Rising Playtest

Use the link to join playtest group to access the Island

(You must be an adult to accept a Playtest Invitation. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to complete the age verification process. Epic Games has partnered with SuperAwesome to confirm that you are an adult. The verification methods available to you will vary depending on where you live. See Parent Verifications FAQs from SuperAwesome for more information)

Press below button and enter the Island code to start your own lobby, set it to public for other playtesters to join or private so they need to be invited to join.

Island code: 1102-7238-4516

As a playtester we appreciate your feedback, please fill in this form after the playtest:

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